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Simulation Developer

Bend, OR - Engineering - Full Time Position

Simulation tools underpin all the performance development work at Hyperdrive, both in understanding how cars are behaving in their respective use cases and optimising performance for the future. The successful applicant will be responsible for modelling dynamic systems, maintaining and designing algorithms to interrogate our vehicle models, and for developing tools for vehicle dynamists, aerodynamicists and race engineers. By supporting existing tools and developing new simulations and toolsets, this position plays a crucial role in the success of the team whilst also offering a surprisingly broad range of exciting technical challenges beyond what you might traditionally associate with a car company.


  • Love cars, technology and driving.
  • Educated to Masters, or ideally PhD, level in Engineering, Physics or Applied Mathematics.
  • Experienced in using numerical methods, modelling and simulation techniques
  • Excellent technical ability with strong mathematical skills and knowledge of dynamical systems analysis and control.
  • MATLAB, Simulink and C++
  • Modelling and simulation of dynamic systems.
  • Developing and supporting high quality simulations.
  • Generating clear and well documented code
  • Innovation and development of new ideas
  • Providing technical assistance to the broader team


  • Active workplace. Swim, bike, run, crossfit, you name it
  • Visit some of the best racetracks in the world
  • Kick each other's asses at karting (indoor and outdoor)
  • Work with folks who are the cream of the crop in vehicle data, including those from IndyCar, the World Endurance Championship & Formula One
  • #becauseracecar


  • Stock Options - we do well, you do well
  • 401k - doesn't hurt to have a backup plan
  • Health plan - prevent & (hopefully not) repair
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To apply:

  • A writeup explaining who you are. For instance: How'd you get started? What projects have you enjoyed working on? Which have you disliked? What motivates you? What surprising things have you learned about yourself?
  • An example of your work that does something you find interesting, and an explanation of why.
  • A description of your work history (whether as a resume, LinkedIn profile, or prose).
  • Links to online profiles you use (Github, LinkedIn, even Twitter if you like).
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