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React Native Developer

Bend, OR - Engineering - Full Time Position

Want to work on a killer app with a ton of real-time data? Then this is for you. Beautiful data visualization, augmented cartography, real-time telemetry. you'll be using data in some pretty killer ways.

Sorry, no new grads or recently-completed BOOTCAMP applicants will be considered (unless you can demonstrate mad skills with personal non-curriculum-based samples).

If you don't have experience in React Native, that's okay. We are o pen to someone with React.js and node experience and a passion for mobile. A willingness to learn React Native is all we require. It's more important that you have technical chops and aptitude.


  • Build, release, rinse and repeat
  • Xcode, duh.
  • Don't get flustered with npm easily
  • Flexbox genius
  • Experience consuming REST/JSON APIs
  • Ability to proactively debug hard problems in HTTP, XHR, JSON, CORS, etc
  • Bluetooth (ExternalAccessory & BLE)
  • Fabric &/or TestFlight


  • Active workplace. Swim, bike, run, crossfit, you name it
  • Visit some of the best racetracks in the world
  • Kick each other's asses at karting (indoor and outdoor)
  • Work with folks who are the cream of the crop in vehicle data, including those from IndyCar, the World Endurance Championship & Formula One
  • #becauseracecar


  • Stock Options - we do well, you do well
  • 401k - doesn't hurt to have a backup plan
  • Health plan - prevent & (hopefully not) repair

To apply:

  • A writeup explaining who you are. For instance: How'd you get started? What projects have you enjoyed working on? Which have you disliked? What motivates you? What surprising things have you learned about yourself?
  • An example of your work that does something you find interesting, and an explanation of why.
  • A description of your work history (whether as a resume, LinkedIn profile, or prose).
  • Links to online profiles you use (Github, LinkedIn, even Twitter if you like).
Sound like you? Apply now!